Would this be a good experience for your loved one? Or would your family members enjoy a recording of your memories as a birthday present or gift this year? I can provide a voucher for you.

Do you love to reminisce? And do you want your memories recorded for future generations? Or do you have an older loved one who’s life story needs to be recorded? I have over twenty years experience in recording oral history interviews to a professional standard using expert equipment. I can ensure ethical practice with informed consent and ask questions in a manner that will evoke memories and elicit stories. I can travel to the interviewees home or we can find another suitable venue. Take a look around my website to see what sort of oral history projects I have been involved with and the sort of people I have interviewed previously.

Standard two hour recorded interview includes:

  • Telephone or Zoom discussion in advance regarding background, intended questions, ethics and consent.
  • Travel to the interviewee’s home within 20 miles of Brighton.
  • Delivery of high quality audio recordings in both MP3 and WAV format to be archived by you or your family for posterity.
  • Delivery of signed participation and consent forms.


To make arrangements, purchase a voucher or find out more, please get in touch with me via my contact page: https://samcarroll.org/contact/


  • Extra recording time on the same day = £50 per hour.
  • Travel outside 20 miles of Brighton would require a claim for rail fare or fuel.
  • Hire of interview venue if required = estimated £50 per hour.
  • Face to face discussion in advance regarding background, intended questions, ethics and consent within 20 miles of Brighton = £50 
  • Professional standard transcription of the full recorded interview = £100 for each recorded hour, e.g. for a two hour interview it will cost £200 (transcription generally takes 5 to 6 hours for each recorded hour).
  • Filming of the two hour interview and delivery of film recording = £200
  • Photographic portrait taken of the interviewee on the day = £25

Life story booklet based on the interviewee

This could include family photographs, other images and extracts from the interview transcript. The cost of this would need to be negotiated in terms of editing time and printing standards required.

The Oral History Society give advice around fees and budgeting and you can see that my prices are very fair.